Monday, December 10, 2007

Have You Gone Bold and Beautiful Yet?

By far, the best daytime drama now is The Bold and The Beautiful. Great cast. Balanced use of veterans and new folks. Grabbed up all the talented staff let go by the new Y&R regime.

And it's done in that classic soap style -- with a little camp and telenovela action -- that you come to know and love about soaps. The ones you watched with your grandma.

Over holiday break, give it a try. It's just a half-hour and with Betty White (Rose, Golden Girls) coming back to the cast over the holidays... you have some great daytime drama. There's a great "Who shot Stephanie?" story happening now.

Meantime, across the hall at CBS Los Angeles, Young and Restless... I try. I tried today. It was ok. Not the classic, high quality show I grew up watching. Glad to see Jack, Neil Sharon, and Nikki still around. Um. Don't recognize or care about all the newbie characters. Maybe if Gloria and the Baldwins get what they deserve...

But you gotta love this column that ran in TV Guide Canada, The Best of Soaps 2007. And in particular the quote the writer said about fan-fave Victoria Rowell's heroism for leaving the show...

The article gives the Hero Award to Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla), "For being the first person to see what Lynn Marie Latham was capable of and was destroying — and wanting no part of it. The bravest soap star that has ever lived. Bar none, you’re missed. Heck — I will apologize, if no one else will — you deserved better."

That about sums it up, in my opinion.

Longing for the good old days of Y&R. Heck, even the good old three-years-ago.

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