Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jimmy Lee... Where Can You Be?

Reminiscing with some friends in Detroit today.

Somehow one of our old school crushes came up, someone who was in a couple grades higher than us. His name is Ronald. He was one of the preps (in Detroit, it was all about the preps -- rich, smart, and preppy -- and the jits -- the complete opposite).

You may not know him. But if you ever saw Aretha Franklin's video for Jimmy Lee (at 46 seconds is his first appearance in the video, since he was playing Jimmy Lee), you'd sing like Aretha sang, "Lord, he was so fine."

We all thought it. Women. Men. Undecideds. We were all fans.

Where is he now?

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Disco said...

Hey, just happened upon your page and saw this:-) I went to Cass and knew Ron and his brother well. As a matter of fact we hung out in the same groups and had many similar friends (though I am one year younger than him). Did you go to Cass?Hmm.... as for where is he? I saw his brother a few years ago, but do not think that Ron is still here. The last time I saw HIM was 6-7 years ago. But interesting that you bring him up! WOW Small world! :-)