Sunday, December 09, 2007

Other Women in Fiction

One of the most hilarious short stories I ever read is by Lorrie Moore ("How To Be An Other Woman") in her short story collection called Self Help.

Actually, read it a long time ago but felt the need and urge to read it again. Another story of note in this collection is "How To Become A Writer." Just so dang funny... sarcastic... biting humor, much in the style of The Office, which is one of my TV faves. Check out this interview on

Of course, if subject circa "Other Woman" are your thing... you've gotta read The Other Woman by Eric Jerome Dickey. It's been out a few years now, but it's one that I like to read again every now and then. Especially that list of questions... Gotta read the book to know what I'm talking about. That list has come in handy when trying to clarify a few things in some of my relationships.

What are some "other women" in fiction you have come to enjoy reading?

Enjoy the day!

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bob said...

Not only is she brilliantly funny, she can be heartbreaking as well — as she proves in "Go Like This" (also in self-help.

Thanks for the Salon link ... how timely, I'm reading Birds of Amercica.