Saturday, October 27, 2007

Time Goes By. So Slowly.

Had a wonderful time with the students at Sacramento City College and the Cultural Awareness Center this week. Thanks all of you who stopped by! And thanks for the feedback on what you think I should work on next. I appreciate the ideas!

My calendar is starting to get some signing and reading events on it. Will be visiting Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Atlanta on the East Coast so far. Doing the major cities in California too. More will be added. I'm really liking the college circuit... so if you're at one I'd love to visit!

Can't believe it's just a month until my next book comes out. It's such a nerve-wrecking time period waiting for the release. But so much work goes into the release, I'm thankful that the industry has this long lag time. If you're not a patient person, this might not be for you.

In the meantime, will be back soon with a more substantive blog entry. It's Saturday. Time for me to hit the gym, get some grub, and see what the night brings my way!

How is your weekend?


WhozHe said...

My weekend has been full of work. Looking foward to your next book. Good luck.

Joseph said...

i hope to see you in NYC, Fred!

SpecialK261 said...

Tanx, very much for taking the time out to read my posts man..I really appreciate it...glad you enjoy visiting colleges because I'm still in you enjoyed your Sat. night