Thursday, October 25, 2007

Busy. Like Everybody Else. That's All.

Could use one of those. Maybe this weekend.

Having one of those crazy weeks where every moment of the day has an appointment, or a task, and by the time you want to catch up on your blog you end up falling asleep... for the two or three hours you can sleep. Yeah, that's me. Hope you're well!

Kinda fired up because I got to see/hear Nikki Giovanni speak over at Cal State L.A. last night. Awesome.

Some random thoughts on my mind:

We in California have fires. The folks in New Orleans have hurricanes. Both are acts of nature. California, and the residents who lost their things in the fires, are perceived to have more money than the folks in New Orleans. Wanna bet all the homes destroyed in California this week will be re-built and with the full support of the insurance companies? O have no doubt. Makes you wonder where Hurricane Katrina and re-building New Orleans are on the national radar... and I should say re-building New Orleans for the orignial residents who were displaced.

On to something lighter... I am hitting the road to Sacramento City College to do a reading and signing of my first novel, Down For Whatever, and read from the new one, Right Side of the Wrong Bed. Thanks to the staff and students of the Cultural Awareness Center for inviting me to be in their space at 7 pm tonight. See you there.

The weeks and months leading up to your book's release are akin to having a baby. I think. Once you learn your due date, or in this case, your publication date, you do all you can to ensure the successful arrival of your baby... or your book. A lot goes on. You have a lot of questions of your doctor... or your editor/publicist. You wonder if people will like your baby... or your book. Because you're sure in love with the baby/book from the moment it is conceived/sold to publisher.

In addition to my day job, my busy-ness this week has been all for the successful arrival of the new book. More on that later.

But I check the stats. Exciting to see many of you check in to see if I've added anything new to the blog. I'll try to be more regular than I have this week :-)

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SpecialK261 said...

wats your book about?