Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love Poems, Yay! Psycho Letters, Boo!

Love expressed in the written word is great because it can always be referred to again... it's a visual and tangible reminder.

So I haven't read Nikki Giovanni's latest, Bicycles: Love Poems, but if her history of writing great poems is a testament, then I know this collection will be worth the purchase. Here's a review of Bicycles on APOOO Bookclub. You'll recall I love all things Nikki Giovanni, as I wrote about two years ago.

If you're more into creating your own love letters or poems to share with someone you're feeling, check out the LetterLover website, where this week many examples of love letters will be shared... you might pick up a tip or two for your upcoming festivities.

The best thing about writing love letters... someone will keep them and remember you with fondness (if the relationship/memories were good), or remember you with that cringe factor... well, especially if your "love" letter is more of the psycho kind that might end up on Psychotic Letters From Men. Folks... don't write or email someone when you're angry, sad, or mentally/emotionally disturbed!

Better to ask yourself, "What is the lesson in this for me?" or "What is this experience meant to teach me?"

Or just sit down with a nice Nikki Giovanni poetry collection for a reflection moment.

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