Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday Musings

So this isn't about New Orleans, Mardi Gras, or the last day of gluttony before Lent Season begins. The closest I got to acknowledging any remotely related was insisting the music we played in the office had to be New Orleans-related or festive. That made the day fun.

Then we had an event today featuring the critically-acclaimed spoken word group, Yellow Rage, whose work focuses on challenging the notions around Asian American-ness, fetishes, model minority, etc... Real cool work. Check out some clips from YouTube, Listen A**hole, and I'm A Woman Not A Flava.

Some of the students I see regularly "discovered" my non-day job today-- writing novels-- and they were really cute about it. They didn't know I have an author life outside of school though I haven't done much authoring recently :-)

So my musing for the day. Help me figure this out...

If the ones we want don't want us, and the ones who want us we don't want, how does the never-ending cycle of searching, wanting, longing finally end? Just being philosophical, I guess? I guess...

Happy beginning of the Season of Lent.

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