Saturday, February 21, 2009

Much To-Do About...

So for this to be a Saturday, it seemed as busy as a work day. Laundry, groceries, gym, cleaning house, write a quick blog, etc...

I'm trying to finish re-reading Pearl Cleage's novel Babylon Sisters before she comes to L.A. and campus in a few weeks. Got another one of her novels, Some Things I Never Thought I'd Do, to re-read as well.

Now I'm chillin' out, listening to Lionel Hampton CD, Golden Vibes/Silver Vibes. Perfect to read or do some writing by. It's jazz vibraphone.

Another cool blog I just found a few days ago when googling Nancy Wilson: Out On The Stoop. And another one, for you fashionistas: Welcome To Fashionphyend

Finally, just when I think I've got a lot (well, too much) to do or handle, I run over to a blog I just discovered. Write Novel, Buy Eggs.

Hope your weekend is a good one!

1 comment:

Jamar Herrod said...

Being an author and an active novel reader how many books do u read a month? I love reading and the more exposure the better. thanks for the post.