Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saturday Write Live

OK. I'm getting back into the writing groove again. And before I do my work today, had some interesting writing-related links to share with you.

One, since Pearl Cleage will be coming to L.A. in March (Cal State L.A. Student Union on Wednesday, March 4), I've been listening and reading a lot of her interviews. Here's a great interview she did with Ed Gordon on NPR a couple years ago. Another one with The Sowing Circle.

Does writing make you fat? Tess Gerritsen, novelist who also happens to be a medical doctor, shares her insights in her blog entry, Writing Books Can Make You Fat.

Showing vs Telling. ChickLitGurrl shares how to move your story forward -- Camping vs Marching/Hiking.

If you have the extra money around, Writer Conferences can be a great career investment. J.A. Konrath on Attending Writing Conferences and Conference Etiquette.

Speaking of conferences, I've always endorsed the VONA Voices Writers of Color program. Takes place in San Francisco at University of San Francisco every June/July for a couple weeks. Great for emerging writers in all genres. Very supportive environment too.

Finally, if you're part of or an ally of the Black LGBT writer community (lesbian, gay, bi, trans), consider attending the Fire & Ink Conference in October 2009 in Austin, TX. Sounds like some great things are in the works for the fall conference.

OK. That's all. Get those pens or keyboards working today!

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