Saturday, February 14, 2009

When He's Just Not Into... Your Friend

"If everybody wants you, why isn't anybody calling?" -- Gloria by Laura Branigan.

Love that quote from that 80s song. Song came up on rotation on my iPod while at the gym this morning, and it triggered the subject for today's blog on love.

How do you let a friend know the love relationship they think they see isn't there? And as it relates to the above Laura Branigan line, I'm sure we all have a friend who's always talking about some new love, or someone looking at them, or a number they got... but then they're always home and never on a date. That quote is a blunt question for that friend. And I think it's funny.

So how do you tell a friend...

Do you send them a book like, He's Just Not That Into You? (great book by the way, I got it long before it was a pop culture sensation)

Do you give advice the way Nancy Wilson did in her song, Face It Girl, It's Over? (love the quote "when he glances at his watch... and it isn't late" in the song)

Do you play Deniece Williams' Silly, where she comes to the realization that she's been creating this love situation that isn't really there.

It's a tricky situation to watch and listen to a friend go on and on about someone they're into, but you see or know it's not what the friend thinks. Do you initiate the conversation? Let the friend ask you what you think? Wait until your friend is hurt and then tell them what you thought all along?

Happy Valentine's Day. And for those of you who are calling it Single Awareness Day, here's a list of 150 Songs For the Lonely from the Los Angeles Times.



Korey Q. Williams said...

Hey Man,
I LOVE your blog... I just discovered it and LOVE IT... It's fresh and will be one of my daily reads... May I link you?
Checkout mine as well. I'm a personal shopper for Barneys New York that blogs about any and everything fashion...

Anonymous said...

I can think of 150 more "lonely" songs.

I think you should be upfront with your friend without being too harsh. In the end, you just gotta be there for them if/when the relationship fails (without the "I told you so" part).

life said...

I saw the movie and decided to adopt a thing or two. I've passed my version off to some friends and it's helping them already. I need to post that movie experience. It was an interesting event