Saturday, February 07, 2009

Brown Liquor Saturday Night

The old folks used to say stay away from that brown (or dark) liquor. Ain't that the truth?

The State of California is in a major rut. Our state tax refunds will come in the form of I.O.U.'s. Our state employees are forced to take every other Friday off with no pay. And the state's credit rating and educational system is ranking at the bottom of the barrel.

Hence, time for a Brown Liquor Saturday Night. The one we're having tonight is actually not a sad/depressy one.

And my Brown Liquor song of the night... Come Over by Estelle. Love that song... so romantic and sexy to me.

But if sad/depressy is your thing... how about Last Call by Lee Ann Womack.

Anyway, hope your weekend is a good one!

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