Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Like An Elegant Wednesday Links

Can't believe it's mid-week already. Some things I'm reading or excited about lately:

One, Pearl Cleage, one of my all-time favorite authors is coming to L.A. in March 2009. She rarely travels west, so this is a treat. She'll be doing an appearance at the Student Union at Cal State L.A. on Wednesday, March 4 at 7 pm for a Women's History Month keynote address.

I recently discovered the blog, Afrobella, and realize I've been missing an online treat that others already knew about. I'm always late, lol.

It's Black History Month (in the official sense), though in my mind everyday is cause to celebrate. Here are some BHM Writer links from White Readers Meet Black Authors blog.

Finally, is an older man like an elegant wine? I'm convinced, now that I've heard Miss Nancy Wilson's song of the same name (An Older Man Is Like An Elegant Wine) from her R.S.V.P. cd. Check it out.

Go out and leave your elegant mark today and everyday beautiful people!

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