Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Win a Kindle... And Other Links

So if you're interested in winning a Kindle (kinda like an iPod for books), check out the fabulous contest they're running over at Nice Mommy, Evil Editor. They're giving away two Kindles and you'll learn about some fabulous books and authors along the jouney.

Think you're tired and can't go on? Well, Clay Cane gives us some great perspective and inspiration with his entry on 69-year-old Tina Turner who performed in NYC recently a day after battling the flu.

How did I let this happen? It's a question we all ask, when we get a little out of whack. Oprah is asking herself the same question about her weight in the latest issue of O Magazine.

Discovered a pretty cool radio show about books -- The Story. What caught my ear the other day was a story featuring writer Andrew Porter (scroll to bottom of page), who talked about how a break-in and theft of ALL his posessions -- including ALL his writings, disks, computer, etc... affected his writing life.

Ok. Back in a few...

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