Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009... Is Mine

I come from a church-going family. In fact, some of my family are the lead or next-in-line to lead their respective churches.

Went to my cousin's church this morning. He's the lead pastor. Loved his message and had to spread it.

2009 is Mine!

No more being broke. No more fighting, arguing, drama-ing. No more decisions that don't enhance life. No more being the negative one of the group. No more sitting and waiting -- the whole faith without work thing. No more...

What I've enjoyed about our family churches is that they're more inspirational than preachy, as in preaching down to people for whatever their circumstances, life choices, or spiritual knowledge. And what I liked is that my cousin said it's OK if your "no more's" don't happen overnight, or you don't meet it right away -- just be aware, reflect, and do it less.

One "no more" I need to work on... and I've heard Michael Baisden talk about this... not giving in to peer pressure and going out every Friday, Saturday night. That those who are focused on goals work don't spend all their time and money going out all the time, and they stay home to focus on goals. For me, I feel like I'm going to miss something... or someone if I'm not out and about.

Anyway, nothing major. Just had to share. Especially in light of my Vision Board entry the other day, and knowing that many of YOU are embarking on new goals and visions for yourself in 2009. I just love the phrase "2009 Is Mine."

What are some of the motivational moments you've picked up on recently?


Unknown said...

Some of the motivational moments I have had include my graduation, your blog entry 2009 is mine is brilliant!! and the part about focusing on your goals and not going out so much! Yess!! Saying goodbye to some college friends because even though I was sad to leave them, I was confident they would be okay enduring like I did at my Alma Mater. Thanks Fred for the post!

J said...

most motivational was getting into to college and getting the gates scholarship, but i need to focus more but i get easily distracted and dont sleep. feel like im gonna miss something

Cherlyn Michaels said...

Motivational moments for me have been cleaning out and organizing so that I can focus on goals: spiritual, creative, health, education and career-wise. Multitasking goals takes organization.