Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Wish: Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper

That's the theme for 2009. Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper. Our lives are blank pages ready to be written daily. How much we write, and how good we make it is up to us.

Hard to believe in a week we'll be at 2009. I always forget the New Year part in the days before Christmas. Whether you celebrate any, all, or none of the holidays at this time, I hope at minimum you have some great days of rest, relaxation, and reflection.

I've been reflecting a lot lately. My life is out of wack, and it got so in 2008, clearly of my own doing. I take responsibility.

I let a lot of friend and family relationships just kinda drift, in the sense I didn't do any work on my part to maintain and grow them. I let a lot of professional projects overtake my life, and I reveled in being a workaholic and perfectionist in that part of my life. I let my writing life drift, and didn't put the same passion into my third novel that I did the first two. Dating... hmmm, I met a few people that went nowhere fast, because I didn't do any work to sustain those possibilities. Money... I'd love to apply for a government bailout like the rest of the country.

But this isn't a blah entry. It's more of a wake-up call for me, and maybe you, to notice when you're sinking and to NOT bottom out.

I've started thinking about Vision Boards and Journaling again. Maybe it's something we can do together. Reading this blog, Tranquility du Jour, is a motivating start.

2009 Visions
Get that child-like play/happiness back... or at least that college freshman year happiness, where everything and everyone was a new/happy/carefree adventure. Kinda like my friend Ch@z. Or like Tayari J. wants to do this year too. Putting them and Little Boy Joy on the vision board.

Think fitness. Thank God I didn't gain any weight this year, I maintained. But my used-to-be, and I hope will be again bff Eric B has really got the fitness/style thing going on. He's going on the vision board under Fitness.

My spiritual core I've put on the backburner, and I realize that is central to any kind of life focus. I used to meet up with my friend Yamonte at a really nice church in West L.A. (Living In The Light, 6000 W. Pico) that was so enlightening. Gotta get that back and on the vision board.

The quirky, creative side of me is what makes me. SARK makes such cool products that inspire me. Someone I once dated made fun, so I put that part on the backburner... no more. My morning pages and writing, which I picked up from The Artist's Way, kept me focused on writing daily each morning in the peace and quiet. You know where these are going.

Haven't touched finances, dating, and simplifying spaces yet. More to be visioned in those areas later. When I'm really awake, I'll start cutting out pictures and images and phrases for my board.

What are some of your holiday wishes and 2009 visions?


Anonymous said...

I recently started posting images of what I wanted my living room to look like. I didn't know I was in the beginning stages of creating a vision board. I like the idea! Thanks for sharing and great success as you move forward into 2009.

John the Scribe said...

A few years ago, God gave me the best gift ever: complete, absolute peace of mind. I'm anticipating and working toward experiencing continued spiritual growth. Everything else I would like to accomplish is a byproduct of the former. Best wishes from today until infinity :)

Unknown said...

Let's see visions for 2009 include working hard during my first semester of graduate school, looking for internships, graduate assistants, and/or fellowships, saving money, working and enduring in the South. 2008 was a year to remember. Alot of struggle which led to growth and success. More to come in '09!

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