Friday, December 26, 2008

Food In The Midwest

So I have big plans to get into a little bitty shirt on New Year's Eve next Wednesday. But I realize, that coming home to the Midwest just before an "in-my-mind" sexy holiday is not the business.

Tonight, we had a Friday fish fry. More family came over. We got the outdoor deep fryer going on the patio (the same one that fried the turkey the day before), and had more catfish and perch the law would allow. Well, I ate even more than the law would allow. At least what the L.A. fashion law would allow.

Before coming home, I'd been on a good 22+ day run at the gym and eating well daily. I was motivated by Obama's daily cardio workout sesions, and figured what the heck. Let's get skinny like Obama. I'd planned to hit the gym in Detroit on Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday -- early in the mornings, and just enough to keep some tightness, yet not seem like an elite gym bunny who'd rather hit the gym than spend time with family. (I never realized that going to the gym was considered "elite" until reading about the fascination everyone has with Obama's daily fitness habits.) And yes, I know about old-school at-home exercises -- pushups, situps, etc... But nothing beats an elliptical, stairmaster, and weights (and eye candy) like the gym.

I realize REAL winter weather makes you not want to leave home for a gym. I realize that all the food my mom keeps at home is a temptation, and WAY more options than I keep in my own place. I realize that the world won't stop turning because I skipped today, Friday. I realize, though, how comfort skipping one day leads to another and another.

Food and family in the Midwest. It's what makes this part of the country so family and values driven. It also makes for a spongy waistline... something I don't necessarily want for myself on New Year's Eve. After all, I gotta be ready for that hot young Manny from Montebello I've been crushing on from my gym and who I know will be at the party I'm going to next Wednesday.


In the end it's all worth it -- enjoying holiday time and food gatherings. Family comes first. Boys come and go. You've been to one NYE party, you've been to them all. Everyone should love, like, or want you just the way you are.


thegayte-keeper said...

I know what you mean...the food that is out there during this time of year is down right scary

Losojosnuevos said...

I hate missing gym sessions, but there are people in town who I will probably not see for another 4-6 months. I agree that we should be flexible enough to modify our routines when needed. Those weights and machines are not going anywhere; the memories you create with your family and friends will last a lifetime.