Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Up Saturday Links

OK. Feeling just a little like that picture. But I'm gonna get over it.

So doesn't matter how old it is, I still love the "Hey Ya Charlie Brown" video.

On the writer tip, loving The Newbie's Guide post on Where Are They Now Syndrome when it comes to authors and writers. All about long-term and multiple projects... advice I should take :-)

Um, so I talked to my gym crush last night at a party... the gym crush I shared about in yesterday's post. I went in feeling like this (Zhane's Crush) but left feeling like this (Aretha's Drinking Again). Straight up rejection, yes he did.

But like the kids say at my school... It's A Hairflip... and move on.

Anyway, about to go to the gym. If I see him, cool. When I come home, I'm making a Rum Cake for a holiday party. Gonna try to make it like my mom and grandma used to, and not from a kit.

We shall see. What's up for your Saturday?

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