Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chocolate Chips and Drag Queens

Was listening to NPR on the way to the gym. Heard the most fun interview: How To Bake A Better Chocolate Chip Cookie. Featured a food scientist, Shirley Corrihor, giving some very easy advice on making all your baked goods turn out great this holiday season. Might want to pick up her books, CookWise or BakeWise.

On a totally separate book note, drag names can be outrageously fun... and for those of you in the market, here's a good resource: Drag Queen Baby Name Book. I've heard some fun drag names through my going-out history. One of the best I've heard -- Tooleeta Pepsi. I can't remember the city or the club, but I think it might have been on a trip to Louisville or Cincinnatti. Who knows?

As long as there are still people on your gift list... or you've got baking to do, either of these books can be good giving for the holidays.

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Jamar Herrod said...

Chocolate chip cookies are the best when theyre soft like the picture shows. As far as gifts they wont be cooking books i dont even know what im getting anyone..well see.