Monday, December 29, 2008

Everyone's Getting Ready For 2009

Since I've been at home for winter break, I've managed to get about 25 pages of writing done in between family gatherings, gym, and shopping malls. Don't ask. I'm never this productive in L.A. it seems. Also got a program script done for a Grand Opening event I'm working on in L.A. in January.

So that got me to thinking about New Year's resolutions for writers, and before I could come up with anything prolific, A Newbie's Guide to Publishing came up with some cool resolutions to piggy back off of. Take a look.

Some writer no-no's for 2009 from Paperback Writer.

Young & The Restless is showing how daytime drama should be written, and laying a foundation for a great 2009... preview here from Daytime Confidential.

Sometimes it takes going back to move forward. I have a crush I want to be mine in 2009. I started out kinda downer-ish playing Janet Jackson's He Doesn't Know I'm Alive (from Control). Ended my workout with Janet's When I Think Of You.

We're all getting ready. You got your new year (eve) or year plans ready?

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