Tuesday, December 02, 2008

For The Drama Queen Or King In You

Try as we might to deny, there's a teeny bit of drama queen or king in all of us.

You know, loving that idea of being a victim or rescurer (even if you're not)... or deliberately making a choice you know isn't the best one (heart over head all the time)... or making a situation WAY bigger than what it is. (A wise person once told me... it's not what happens to you that's drama, it's how you choose to react that makes it drama.)

Ever since a little gossip situation got me in big trouble in high school, I've tried to keep my life drama free. I try to do my best to be proactive about potential problems. And I try not to make decisions that I know will deliberately hurt others or myself. So I turn to imaginary dramatic situations like:

Picture that your grandma's new young trophy husband starts hitting on you... and you're a guy? That's the latest melodrama on As The World Turns.

Imagine that you have to hide away in the attic some illegitemate kids you've had by your long-lost-sibling-you-never-knew-you-had... That's the old school drama of the novels of V.C. Andrews.

Ok. So you dig someone else, but you're already in a situation? You could... oh... write and sing a song called "In Love With Another Man" by Jazmine Sullivan. And if you dig the clip, get the CD, Fearless.

Finally back to books. Eric Jerome Dickey had me at hello (and a fan for life) when I read his The Other Woman back in the day. Twists and turns that you never see coming.

Or maybe you're a closet Drama Queen or King and you don't know it?

So enough of my Drama Queen moments. What about you? What, who, or where do you turn for the melodrama of your life (real or fictional)?


Unknown said...

I turn to E. Lynn Harris, James Earl Hardy, and Reginald's Hall book "In Love With A Thug"

Wonder Man said...

I turn to Girlfriends and my comic books for drama