Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Ex. My Friend.

A lot of my friends think it's weird that I am friends/on friendly terms with my exes.

They think once the door has closed, it's closed. No contact. No calling. No connecting.

I think the opposite. That if you started out as friends, why not that same level after the romance is gone. And sometimes, it's weird how you can seem to interact more positively once the work and labels are gone.

Maybe that's the thing. Relationships are work. But they shouldn't feel like work.

Anyway, just a random Sunday morning thought. Lots of these will be popping up because my mind is on a million and one things.

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SpecialK261 said...

lol..I agree with your statement 1000%..i've been those situatinos before and hence idecided to build my relationships on Friendships and not physical and perfunctory attraction....Man..i say that all the time when ppl ask me advice..a relationship is indeed work but its nto suppose ot feel like it...