Friday, November 30, 2007

Dating Young and Younger

For all of you out there dating across age demographics, you gotta watch tonight's episode of NBCs 30 Rock. All about dating young and younger. Hilarious.

The topic's kinda been on my discussion plate since Tuesday, as I've been doing readings and discussions about Kenny and Jeremy from my new book. Kenny's a 30-something dating 20-something Jeremy.

And speaking of hot young people, go over to check out this new blogger on the block... Richie. I've been reading his blog for a couple weeks. I recognized him in the audience at my A Different Light bookstore event on Wednesday. Thanks Richie and your crew -- especially driving all the way from where you did!

Hopefully you, Dear Reader, are reading this entry as you get home or wake up from a hot date with the person of your dreams. And if the person is younger than you are, maybe Valerie Gibson's book Cougar can give you a tip or two to make the pairing work.

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