Sunday, November 25, 2007

La Vie En Rose

Nothing like a little tragedy to make your Sunday. So that's why I'm heading off to The Abbey in just a few minutes to catch up with some friends, though I'm sure there will be some drama and tragedy in attendance there too. lol.

But back to tragedy. You gotta see La Vie en Rose. It's the life story of singer Edith Piaf. It came out in June 2007. And yeah, I'm about six months behind on it.

But thanks to Netflix, and a chilly Sunday afternoon, I watched. And let me tell you. An artist personality. A hard childhood. And some choices, good and bad, and you've got an amazing life portrayed on the screen.

Many critics have already said that the actress who portrayed Edith Piaf's life, Marion Cotillard, is a shoo-in nominee and possible big winner of the upcoming awards season for films. I have to say I agree, though many more "Award Films" will be released in December, that may provide some competition.

On that note. Some friends and I were debating... which actors work harder? Those who portray real-life people, and who have a real person to study and imitate? Or those who create a role based on nothing but the script and their own craft and skills?

I argued that those actors who have nothing to work with but a script work harder, because they have nothing to go on but their own mind, skills, and acting technique. That any actor can do an imitation of someone else. But my friends argued that those who portray real life people have a tougher barometer, and therefore their nominations (and wins) are more deserved... and that imitating someone's life and mannerisms is hard work. Your thoughts?

Debates aside, I hope you check out this film. I think you'll love it!

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