Sunday, May 29, 2005

Traveler's High. NYC Journal.

They say visiting a place gives you a false sense of what it would be like to actually LIVE there.

So glad my friend Eric has grounded me... because I've fallen in love with NYC so far. The musicals. The cuties. The shopping. The clubs. Even the weather is sunny. So at least a bit of L.A. has come with me.

The only thing I'm not really feeling -- which everyone laughs at me for -- is the walking. L.A. people don't walk. Eeewwwwwww. So weird. And you all know I love the gym, I love cardio, but these long, long walks are just crazy.

So Saturday's journal. Found my publisher's building on 3rd Avenue. Just so I'm on time for our meetings next week. Then explored SoHo, Meat Packing, Chelsea, Greenwich, Times Square (TS is WAY too touristy, will not be there again)... all before checking into my hotel. Caught Brooklyn the musical.

Then my friend Eric caught up with me for a night of bar hopping. XL, Christoph street, G, then to Brooklyn for a black club that had no one there because of the festivities in Miami, Puerto Rico, and DC. Oh well.

Today... meeting Michael for a black arts fest in Brooklyn. Meeting Eric for a little night school, Escuelita, and my buddy Matt from Long Island will be in Monday.

It's Fleet Week too. Carrie Bradshaw action, anyone? lol.

Anyway, I know once my work begins I'll be over this traveler's high. And ready for the sunshine and palms of L.A.

But for the time being, it's great feeling like the new kid on the block. Don't wanna come down.

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Holiday N said...

Isn't NYC fabulous?Hope she was nice to you,she can be a real bitch sometimes.I added your book to my blog's Hot List.