Monday, May 09, 2005

Enjoying Wine, Watching Sylvia, Questions

Tipsy. Not really. It's Monday. Kind of my day of rest. No gym. No late night at the office. Just taking care of writer correspondences and watching a very interesting movie about the life and mind of a writer.


Starring Gwyneth Paltrow. As the Lady Lazarus.

Interesting combination drinking wine, seeing the torment and heartache of a fellow writer, and thinking about how crazy fun mad it can be getting ready to be an official member of the writing life. Published life. It's a great movie so far, though the drama and angst of her life... are writers destined to have drama-filled life? Does drama fuel the creative process? Can you have a drama-free life and still create compelling stories?

Met some cool people this weekend. Designers. Baseball and softball players. Attorneys. Writers. Regular workers without cool titles. Nothing wrong with being a regular worker without cool titles. Can be the source of a lot of fun and good times, oh yeah. Can working class and professional class combinations work? The whole college/no college thing? If they live thousands of miles away from you? What are the rules about meeting someone who's got someone? What if it's bad? What if there's a crack in the foundation? What if... Just curious about what you think... I think about the saying: If they cheated to get with you, they'll cheat to leave you.

Sylvia's just recited one of several great one-liners in the film: "I'm thinking of trying something new. I'm thinking of taking on a lover."

Back to Sylvia. Back to finishing up a glass of wine. Funny how one glass can buzz you when your day's meal has been lunch... salmon, vegetables, diet soda, apple slices. No time for breakfast today except coffee. Dinner... veggie sandwich and glass of wine. Veggie sandwiches are good and practically 0 points and filling -- lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, cilantro, pickle, mushrooms, whole grain bread-- and kicked off the successful WW plan for me. More on that later...

I'm cool. Sylvia... is another story. Probably need to study her life more to understand her angst. Most writers I don't think are as... hmmm.

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Anonymous said...

"seeing the torment and heartache of a fellow writer" HummmmmmmmNow I'm curious. Sounds interesting. Why the torment & heartache?