Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Prepping for New York

So the journey to New York continues. Today, got some great calls and correspondences from/with my editor at Kensington, John, and my agent, Nicholas. Talked about my schedule for Book Expo America... and I'll be signing on all three days of the conference, attending various receptions, and meeting all sorts of booksellers. I'm nervous and excited since this is my first time dealing with "the business" of publishing.

But I'll be okay. Editor and agent say just be myself, and catch the flies with honey and not vinegar.

With the agent, so exciting to continue our journey together as we prep the second novel for "the process" -- revision, shopping it around, etc... He's so feeling book number two and every time I think about this, I realize how important it is to work with an agent who really feels you and your work. So important.

Got a billion things on my to-do list. Geez Louise. Not enough time between now and Friday. And I'm still taking suggestions for New York to-do, to-see, to-attend events...

ps... my vote is for Carrie Underwood :-)
(though it really should have been a Mario, Anwar, Carrie three-way final)

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Trent Jackson said...

Congratulations Fred! I know you'll do fine! Just smile! Thanks for all the support you've given me-and all of the info you've passed along I appreciate that so much!

Have a great time and bring me back a I 143 New York T-shirt!