Saturday, May 21, 2005


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Hey you. It's me. Fred. Writer. Social justice advocate. Community activist. Church boy. Private Dancer (uh, just kidding on that part, but not the next...) E! True Hollywood Story candidate. Uh... is my family reading this? Hehehehe.

One week 'til New York City and NCORE and BEA. Thanks for the suggestions of the must dos, must don't, must sees, and must avoids while there. I hope to do so much, and to meet my blog brothas and sistas, and have such a blast... that I'll come back to L.A. with a mess of stories.

It's hot in L.A. this weekend. Like 90-degree hot. L.A. people complain about everything. It's too cold, it's too hot, too windy. I'm not complaining, after living through 45 below zero winters in Detroit and Chicago. Anyway, lots going on, especially in Long Beach, CA. on Saturday and Sunday. Can't wait to hit the beach and can't wait to not remember a darn thing I do. lol.

So picture this. Saturday morning. On a recovery mission from two Bacardi and diet Cokes. Check my e-mail and guess what? A LOVE-FILLED note from my literary agent, Nicholas. He loves my second novel manuscript a lot. "That's so freaking cool," as one of the main characters in the second novel would say. I'm sure you'll love it too, but let's just get through DOWN FOR WHATEVER first. Hehehehe. But that's good news. Because you want your agent to like your work and to be critical and to think you're growing in your skills. Props to Nicholas, from the BK.

Heading to a "street team" marketing meeting this morning with Oskar and Daniel, who along with Maliko, will be marketing themselves, err..., Down For Whatever, in Miami next weekend. Then going to a couple stores to find a pair of shoes. Then starting my "Remember Nothing, Remind Me What I Did Later" weekend. (Uh, if I've been "hanging out" with you, or you're judging like Judy, you can ignore what I just wrote... it's a dream... kinda like Dallas/Bobby Ewing/blah blah blah)

Hence, the E! True Hollywood Story comment at the top of the blog. Next time someone gives you grief for something you did, that THEY think is a mistake in judgment, just tell them this: "I'm gathering material for my E! True Hollywood Story!" That's my line, but you can use it freely. Actually, I think one of my characters uses that line. So now it's yours. Hehehehe.

Hope you get some great material going for your E! True Hollywood Story! Tell us all about it... well, at least what you can remember :-)

Blissfully yours,

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