Wednesday, May 25, 2005


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I love musicals. And live theatre. Acting in general, especially live and on stage, because it's so much more immediate. You get the immediate reaction from the audience to your performance. You see right away how an actor interprets the role, uses the space, projects and dips into subtleties of the character. So cool. Stage actors work so hard. So do soap actors (despite what people say about soaps). Can you imagine memorizing hundreds of pages of dialogue a day-- and getting one or two shots to get it right? I digress...

I acted in one theatre production while in college. A supporting role in the show, Reckless. It was fun and taught me a lot. Did some TV journalism -- Today Show cut ins at 6:25, 7:25, and 8:25 am for a local station and usually a story for noon or 6 pm newscast -- some say that's acting. Well, when you look at how stories are fed to reporters from the government, it's totally acting, no true journalism today. I digress... as usual, again.

There are shows I'd like to see while in NYC. Good luck, huh, on such short notice.

But... I post the BKLYN musical poster because I have a strong affinity toward Brooklyn. And I don't even live there. A couple of my childhood friends (Detroit era) live there, so does my literary agent, and my editor. And the few letters or e-mails I get -- the majority are from Brooklyn. And they all tell me the best, most progressive and open-minded folks live in Brooklyn.

Hmmm... could I live there? Who knows? But in this stage production of life, we get one shot of getting it right before the audience. In this case, I'm my own audience. Couldn't imagine moving cross country (I hate moving), but might audition and test the waters next week.

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