Saturday, May 14, 2005


When you're young, innocent, and naive about the world in college or high school, you have all these fantasies about what life will be like at 30. (Why is the bar set so low at 30 anyway??? 30s are the new 20s... and the 20s are about exploring, experimenting, traveling, adventuring, living like it's golden after college, right??? So why not lump 'em all together???)

  • Spouse or partner.
  • 2.5 kids.
  • House with picket fence and nice backyard.
  • Tons of money to spare.
  • Able to take care of parents and younger cousins in college.
  • One major and two minor vacations a year.
  • Credit cards with high limits, low balances.
  • Making a difference in the lives of others.
  • A career that you're in love with, and co-workers you love being around.
  • That mysterious place/feeling called HAPPY.
  • Lots of LOVE.

Something happens along the way. Life. Hmmm... Easy for some. Hard for most. Every test makes us stronger.

Just reflecting. Been doing that a lot lately, as I get closer to the publication date of Down For Whatever. What's going to change? What will remain the same? Am I grounded enough to handle everything that comes my way... or doesn't? Am I courageous and faithful enough to Say Something Else when obstacles come my way?

Will my fantasies come true?

Enough midnight philosophy. Bedtime. I got a hot date with a stairmaster and some weights in the morning. Oooh. So freaking hot. Then watching this show on Saturday night -- Kate Rigg's Chink-O-Rama. After that??? Fantasyland...

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