Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cydney Rax and Book Remarks

If you're into books written by and about black authors, one website you need to check out is Book Remarks.

Created and maintained by Cydney Rax, Book Remarks keeps you updated on current and upcoming books of interest. Primarily fiction, but some non-fiction too.

Cydney is an author herself. Her first novel, My Daughter's Boyfriend, debuted last summer in hardback. From the title, you can tell it's a steamy rollercoaster ride of passion, heat, and drama. It will be released in paperback this summer, and Cydney is at work on her second novel, My Husband's Girlfriend, which will debut shortly.

In addition to her duties maintaining Book Remarks and writing, Cydney helps to create and nurture new authors and those with aspirations in publishing. She's been a big help and cyber-shoulder to lean on during these months leading up to the publication of my novel, Down For Whatever. She was one of the first to link to my website, feature information about my book on her site, and allow me to ask her questions about the first-book process since she had just gone through the process.

Take a look and send Cydney some cyber hits and some love from those who like books by and about black people. Check out her blog too!

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CydneyR said...

Hey Fred,
It's been a while since I visited your author site. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Your site is sooooooooo tight. Very unique, creative, I love it. Kudos to you and your web designer...

Cydney Rax