Thursday, May 26, 2005

Every Vote Counts!

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Especially in the United States, where we get our elections and selections right... ALL the time. Look at these happy voters above!

They're happy because they know their votes will always be counted. None stolen or missing. No chads. No voter intimidation. No long lines. And definitely no looking for ways to keep black and brown people from voting. Not in the U.S. No way. Every vote counts...

Well, especially if it's American Idol. Where over 500 million votes are cast this season alone (more than the last presidential election), and where if there's even a hint of voter fraud, or something not being right, a recount is called for immediately. Hmmm... any accounting firms wanna manage our next local, state, or national elections just to get it right?

Congratulations Carrie Underwood. Simon says America got it right. Maybe in 2008... we can only hope America gets it right.

Maybe we can follow AI's lead in our local and national elections... in terms of voter accuracy... and in terms of getting young people interested in voting... and in terms of following up on ANY implied voter fraud. If AI can do it, our politicians can do it. Heck, they've got WAY fewer votes to count :-)

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