Monday, January 21, 2008

The Weekend In Atlanta

It seemed almost fitting and something surreal to be in Atlanta over Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend. Just all that history, tradition, and the legacy in the air. Really nice going through the Auburn Ave./historic district.

I did a book signing event over at Outwrite Bookstore and Coffeehouse.

It's always a crapshoot when you're a writer, you travel away from your home base, and your event isn't tied to a school group or a book club organization. You never know what kind of audience you'll get.

Luckily, the folks did come out on Saturday night... yeah, Saturday night 8 pm, to talk Right Side of the Wrong Bed. This, despite the "snow" (which really wasn't snow, because it didn't stick, but you can't tell the folks in ATL it was no big deal). This, despite it being super cold in ATL over the wknd. This, despite me being incredibly sick (my cold just went to the 10th degree that night -- but I refused to cancel).

Anyway, very good night. Great crowd. Great comments and questions. And a lot of my friend-friends -- Fiona, Phoenix, Marlon, Jarvis, Donna, Alicia, and more. But afterwards, all I did was go to dinner and then to bed.

Later, Fiona and her cousin gave me this medical concoction to take just before I got on the plane back to L.A. I don't know what it was... but it worked! I feel like a million bucks.

Now... off to the gym this morning, then a late morning flight to San Francisco for a signing event at Books Inc. on Market Street in the Castro.

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