Friday, January 25, 2008

Rainy Random Thoughts

I've been asking my head writer for a storyline, since I've been backburner for a while. I think I may have one... I hope, fingers crossed.

I think I got hit on yesterday. But I'm not sure. I guess I'll find out once I call him. He did it old-school style. "Here's my number," and tore off a corner of paper, wrote it down. "It would be fun for you to show me around some places." And he's far from old-school-- he's in the brightly-colored hoodie school, lol. In the book events I've done since Right Side has come out, we've had some fun discussions about age dynamics and romantic relationships. Now maybe I'll get to experience some of what we've discussed. lol.

Angie and Jesse are back on All My Children! Childhood memories!

Um, so, a lot of people think that getting a book contract means instant riches. Um, not so much. Here's an interesting dose of reality from The Debutante Ball blog on book sales. Just in case you thought we are ALL dripping in bling and furs.

More on the Karibu Books closing here. It wasn't all about business, WalMart and chains apparently. It was a little personal, from what I can tell in the article. That's too bad.

And if any of you are working on some writing stuff this weekend, be sure to check out the site of Marcela Landres. Lots of cool resources there. I met Marcela a few years back when she spoke at our VONA workshop. The BEST advice I'd ever gotten about writing and publishing. She broke it down business-wise, much to the upset stomachs of the so-called artists who say they don't care about audiences, dollars, contracts (but they really do).

Anyway, enough about work -- though I do have a major deadline like next Friday, Feb 1 for my new book... praying I'll meet it. And I'll keep you posted on if that storyline takes off... or if it's just another one that fizzles from the headwriter.

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BuddahDesmond said...

I was saddened by the news of Karibu closing. Growing up in the DC area, it was one of the few places I could go to buy books by and about black people. It just won't feel right not being able to go to the Hyattsville or Bowie store to buy books. Too bad the owners couldn't work out their issues and keep the business operating. Maybe something like it will open in the future.... One can dream.