Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Taking On A Lova...

Aaaah, the new year. Hope it's happy so far! And I did smile a lot last night, as in the advice friends told me (and I wrote about yesterday) about not looking so serious. Yeah, it's a load of crap, the looking serious thing -- because I'm not feeling serious even if I look it -- but smiling (or was it the Goose and tonic?) does open up a lot of conversations... and that fun eye-flirting game.

So. There. :-D

So love that one line from an old Sex and The City episode, when Carrie declares "I'm thinking of taking on a lova..." Maybe it was some other show. Who knows?

But I'm kinda feeling that way. And yeah, I've been happily single for about two years, so I'm not needy like that. But I'm thinking of taking on a lova.

Not that it's as easy as snapping your finger and poof, here comes a long term situation. I can be a little bit picky about who I like. Yeah, that can be a problem. I've heard from some of my familial and friend elders there comes a time, like the mid-30s, when you have to make some choices. Stay picky. Or pick yourself out of the market.

I don't wanna believe it. But I kinda believe it. Do you?

Part of me needs to resolve a little dating pattern I've had since forever. I'm a habitual "I think I can redeem the bad boy" kinda person. And they're usually younger than me (now... though when I was younger, they were older), a little bit more urbanly/street knowledged, the cute kind that can't resist all the attention they get for their cuteness, and not quite at their life potential. But they're fun. Lots of fun.

If I resolve that one little thing... can't tell u why I'm attracted, but at least I recognize it. Otherwise, my list of needs is really quite attainable, and mostly the oppostive of what I've dated in the past... except for the fun thing. That list is a private thing, but one very important quality is being culturally aware and culturally empowered. Nuff sharing. The rest of the list is private, but they can feel free to fall in the looks range of anyone here :-)

In the meantime, why did I wake up with two old school classics in my head: Love is Contagious by Taja Sevelle... and Let Me Be The One by Five Star.

Who else has thoughts on taking on a lova this year?

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Demetrius said...

The redeeming (a bad boy) sounds very very Virgo to me - wanting to fix him/the Other. Actually, Virgos can be good at that - during their DayJob! Maybe you could embrace your own bad boy within, and get to the List guy...

Those are very Spring-ish songs to me, April beginning/Taja to end/5Star [love them] even.