Wednesday, January 16, 2008

From Adult To Teen In 60 Seconds

One just announced a baby is on the way. Then one who just got married annouced a house was bought over holidays. Then one announced they're excited about taking the kids on college tours this month and next. (Little do they know I have a rental property... but I don't announce it 'cuz I wasn't raised that way.)

And the oohs and aahs come from the announcements. Like a scene from "The Office."

The hetero-normality of it all. And most don't even recognize it, just how much we "norm" hetero life, and everything else is just... well listen on.

And then someone looks at you... "Well, at you're single and you get to go out, you have your books, and you travel, and you have fun."

Because they think that's all gay folks do. Is have fun... and never grow up. Or am I just having one of those pensive times of the month?


Tayari Jones said...

I know the feeling fred. I am a single woman and i feel constantly assaulted by the cultural norms. I will have three siblings married within next year. It's troubling to be the one who is living an "alternative" lifestyle.

the last noel said...

I'm beginning to believe that being gay is a blessing, allowing me to lead a life that isn't ordinary. Isn't ordinary damning?