Thursday, January 10, 2008

Seeing Me Naked

It's the new novel by my friend Liza Palmer... Seeing Me Naked. I think you should pick it up.

Hmmm. What's the Fred way of describing the book? OK.

Imagine that everyone in your family has met and exceeded all their life's expectations and goals. And you're the one who's lived life by your own standards and still reaching your potential, yet you still want to live up to your family expectations.

I think that's one way of summing it up. But like Liza, it's funny, fabulous, and for anyone who gets that late 20-something angst about where life is going, Seeing Me Naked will resonate.

I went to Liza's debut reading and signing last night in Pasadena. Still sick, so I was sweatshirted/turtlenecked up, away from people. But I enjoyed the event and seeing other writers and friends nonetheless.

Hope all is well with you!


Cherlyn Michaels said...

This is so cool of you Fred! I'm going to looking into this one. Sounds very interesting. :-)

Liza Palmer said...

yayyyyyy! Thank you so much Frederick!!!!!!

See you on the 28th!