Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quick Bookstore News

The staff at Books Inc in San Francisco's Castro District are some kinda awesome. Thanks for the warm welcome and TONS of publicity for the event we did this week.

On another book note, a sad one, I just read that Karibu, the black-owned book chain in the D.C. area is closing down within a few months. I'd always heard great things from authors who got to do events there... and that the crowds were always great for readings.

Of course it was just a few months ago we were worried about Esowon Books in L.A. closing down. They're still open. But still it's good to stop by and support them by buying some books at Esowon. I'll be there on Monday, February 11 at 7pm doing a signing event.

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Kyra said...

Fred, First time visiting your blog. Have a good booksigning at Esowon! I was there for holiday books in December. Fellow author from LA, lived in Detroit, now is VA,