Monday, November 21, 2005

The Young and The (Don't Say It...)

You're only as old as your state of mind makes you feel...

Part of my weekend was spent with the 18 - 21 year old set, doing a little bit of research to develop of my characters for a writing project I'm working on.

It's been years since I've been in an 18+ club, and I went with a couple of my students to kinda show me the ropes, the ins and outs, blah blah blah. I don't spend much time in West Hollywood clubs, except for some Sundays at The Abbey -- Black Sunday, as we often joke, since the crowd is a little more black and brown on Sunday evenings.

But we spent time at places that are standards for the 18 - 21 set... Mickey's and Rage. And it's fun(ny) stuff listening to the language, seeing the parade of trendy work-study-bought fashions, and watching the dynamics of our 1984 - 1987 born neighbors.

It's like a fun time-warp that you're just kinda observing and reminiscing and then remembering that all the fun(ny) silly things and choices you made back then... these young folks will do. Not much changes. Except jheri curls are now replaced with mohawks of all shapes and sizes.

However... every single song that moved the crowd was a freaking sample of songs from my growing up years. Funny how music can make you feel... your age.

But... I had to let them know that there was once a group called Ready For The World whose song "Tonight" was the inspiration for the "slow jam" they were cuddling up next to each other onthe dance floor... Twista and Trey Songz "Girl Tonite."

You should have seen the jaws drop. For reals, they asked?

I wanted to... but just couldn't give musical history lessons. Didn't want to feel like I'm 875 years old :-)


Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

That's really sad, considering they FREAKIN SAY "READY FO THE WORLD" IN THE DAMN SONG!!!!

prodigalsun said...

ugggggghhhh... I am sooo feeling you on feeling your age when you are around the young bucks.

I decided to check out a stepshow with my brother two weekends ago. And these lil boys were like I am so&so from fall o4, spring 05... and when I said fall 93... their mouths just dropped like daaaaaaaaaaayum you'z old. lol

Which inevitably was followed by the grade they were in in 93. I was in the third grade... I was in the fourth grade... blah blah blah.

If I wasn't still so cute... I woulda felt mad old... lol

Clay said...

oh lawd - i used to love that group! i have Love You Down on my mp3 player!