Sunday, November 27, 2005

Can You Keep A Secret?

It's amazing the things people will share, when assured of complete confidentiality or anonimity.

One of my favorite sites to check out is Post A Secret, where people send in postcards with one or two sentence lines of a secret they're keeping. New secrets are generally posted on Sundays. There are some mild secrets and there are some major life-changing ones that people keep... and share on the site.

If you're into writing fiction, some of these types of lines would be great opening lines and concepts for your work. Of course, you can't use the exact lines from the site. But these lines and secrets make you want to know more about the secret holder and the back story and the lengths the person goes to keep the secret. That in itself can drive a novel-length work. Or a great short story.

That's all for now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend... while there's still time left.

And keep this between you and me... :-)


1-WhoWrites said...

I luv that site Post A Secret. I usually go there just to look at the postcards-- since that's something I collect. I'm a just a collector of everything and that includes intimate secrets too.

Have a good week @ Fred!

Phoenix said...

Love the site, thanks for the reference.