Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Show We All Watched

So I don't have a lot to say about the show we all watched today... Oprah, Terry, Jonathan... except this: there really can't be any discussion about anything related to men, women, marriage, gays and lesbians, until we have the larger conversation about what conditions in society make it difficult or challenging for gays and lesbians to be honest about who they are and come out? And what role are people willing to take to confront the conditions in society that create homophobia? Until that conversation happens on a large and small scale, there can be no real exploration about the choices people make about their sexual orientation.


Dubbed As Trent Jackson said...

So True and so concise!

CydneyR said...

I'm thinking that the roots of homophobia (where did that word come from) are based on people's belief in what the Bible says about homosexuality. In the Old Testament (and New) homosexuality was forbidden and was punishable by death. I believe that's why people who are against it are considered homophobiac, but truthfully, they are just God-fearing; they probably want to adhere to the biblical standards instead of current society's standards. That's what I believe anyway.