Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Buzz on Grey's Anatomy

Apparently, I've been turning the television off too soon on Sunday nights... because I've totally slept on Grey's Anatomy, the show that follows the hightly popular Desperate Housewives on ABC.

Well Grey's Anatomy has become a bonafide hit on its own, holding up its ratings even while DH is in reruns. And after talking with a friend about it last night, I think I've been sold on the show. Read Darrious Hilmon's blog entry Simply The Best to hear his thoughts on why the show is so good.

But I think what sold me wasn't necessarily the plotline (medical dramas don't usually do it for me), but the fact that the creator, executive producer, and writer is a black woman (a MAJOR feat in Hollywood) named Shonda Rhimes who, during the casting process, was very vocal that there weren't enough actors of color -- all colors -- being brought through for auditions. She wanted the best actors, period, and that meant looking at actors from all hues of the human spectrum, even though "the industry" only sent white actors her way. You can hear all about Shonda and the process at Tavis Smiley's site.

Thus, the multicultural cast of Grey's Anatomy that reflects our daily realities. And the actors of color aren't cast in stereotypical, comedy sidekick, best buddy kind of roles. Apparently (because I still have to watch) all the actors and characters are integral to the overall story. And the show is a hit!

That in itself made me perk up and want to watch and support.

Have you seen Grey's Anatomy? Please tell me what's good about the show...


Phoenix said...

I've been meaning to blog it. No need now cause you are spot on. Not only are the blacks not sidekicks. They are in charge of the hospital. Chief of Staff, head nurse, chief surgeon. Actually, the stories and the acting hooked me before I realized shall I say it...darker under tones. Its one of those shows that you can live without watching. But if you accidently see more than three minutes it, its all're hooked for the rest of the hour.

Marz said...

I've seen the show. I like it. I like the black woman, she has fire in her blood.

I don't like how the whole staff sort of whores themselves to the next one.

I like how the mother was a great doctor. But now she has Alzheimer's disease, and can't do anything. It's like an irony type thing.

I like the show, but, because of the minister couple. (My parents) It's on past my bedtime, so Ill have to cath up in the summer.


Anonymous said...

It's a great show. Kind of like ER, but it is sometimes funny and quirky. The main characters are brilliant, with all their own distinct problems. It's worth the watch on Sundays! I started a blog about my favorite tv shows, so maybe you can visit mine on some shows that maybe you've been thinking about watching. I offer updates, my thoughts, and details on the current episodes.

Unconquerable Soul said...

Man, where have you been? I blog about that show while i was living my live as smiling on the dl.. i swear to you.. that show kicks ass.. i never bought a sitcom full season on dvd and greys anatomy will be the first.... a very diverse cast.. and Sarah Oh, Isiah Washington and Patrick Dempsky ROCKS! the story line is real, comical, yet very dramatic.. it was my favorite new show of last year... and i'm happy sister Rhimes created it.

Betsy said...

I can't believe you have been missing out on this! GA is the only show (other than Prison Break on FOX) that I tune into regularly.

The show is a hit because they have great actors in roles that are more than one-dimensional. Whether the actors are black, white, asian or what have you, the writing takes it to a whole 'nother level in terms of not stereotyping the roles into what much of the regular tv fare is these days.

A standout for me is Sandra Oh as Christina Yang...

mytruth said...

This is my favorite show!

K Kaos said...

Yea u been missing out my man. I watch that show faithfully, gotta love the nazi.