Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Call For Submissions: LOUDmouth Magazine


LOUDmouth magazine -- a feminist magazine coming out of Cal State LA -- is seeking essays (critical and/or personal), reportage, poetry, fiction, photography, illustrations, artwork and more for our spring issue on FOOD.

Topics may include but are by no means limited to:

  • struggles for food rights/anti-privatization movements
  • gendered and racialized aspects of restaurant work/women chefs/family restaurants
  • class and food/accessibility of food/buying food on credit/trendy food
  • sex and food/aphrodisiacs/fast-food commercials/gastroporn
  • urban agriculture/community farm projects
  • food and familial/community/ethnic traditions and connections
  • vegetarianism and feminism/food-related beliefs and lifestyles/eating organic
  • family recipes/recipes with a story
  • labor and food
  • feelings about and approaches to eating/joy of eating/disordered eating
  • food options in schools
  • food marketed toward women
  • starvation/obesity
  • food-related waste
    DIY: gardening/composting/eating on a budget/nutrition as healthcare

Deadline for pitches: December 12th

(What this means: If you want to write about any of the above topics or another topic related to food, send a pitch regarding your idea as soon as possible. Just send a brief note about what you're thinking and we'll start a back-and-forth about how it might work for this issue.)

Please note: Contributors need not be students nor Angelenos nor members of any particular identity group. Contributors do need to write from a feminist perspective that takes as a given the interconnectedness of multiple systems of oppression and that consciously avoids reinforcing whiteness, heterosexuality and the like as invisible/normative. Contributors who are enthusiastic and good with deadlines are greatly appreciated.

Please send all submissions to Christine Petit, Editor in Chief, at

feminism: fem'e-niz'em -n. [The] movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and [all] oppression. - bell hooks

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