Saturday, November 19, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving! Oh, And Get Out. And Get Your Own Food, Too!

You probably missed this one. Why? Because it happened in the middle of the night Thursday going into Friday... while we were all sleeping, and when most reporters had already gone home from the debate. Strange, sneaky things happen in the night, my friends!

U.S. House Bill approves cuts to food stamp programs, student loans, and Medicare. Three things that help poor and working class folks hold on for just another day.

Oh, and the post Katrina world. Immigrant workers aren't being paid by shady bosses. And FEMA is putting Katrina-affected people out the hotels December 1. I don't know... um, if you lost everything, would three months be enough to get back on your feet? I don't know...

Of course, all this is tied to the war and tax cuts. They're not about to end the tax cuts on the rich and upper classes. They need money to fight the brown folks of Iraq. Where else to get the money... but off the brown, black, poor, old, and young (students!) in your own backyard. So compassionate.

Still... it makes for a very Happy Thanksgiving kick in the butt. Courtesy of the Republicans and from the folks who support the current regime in Washington. In other words, pull yourself up by your straps, oh, and Happy Holidays.

(On the literary note... I'm kinda wondering when the first Katrina references will start to appear in novels and characters' lives.)


Trent Jackson said...


Marz said...

If only electoral colleges weren't instated, then the president who had the popular vote would've won.

But can anyone undo eight years of mess?


bohemVibe said...

no not anyone can undo 8 yrs of Bush mess.

Our country is only for the few elites- soon we will be like a 3rd world country ready to join the One world order.

I am anti-bush who is anti- poor black and American.