Sunday, November 27, 2005

Club Fighting

First, hope you all had a nice weekend. I did.

One thing I never understood was the idea of fighting at a club/bar. I mean, you're out to have a good time supposedly, and maybe sometimes that good time gets a little warped with the addition of alcohol or other things. Still it should be a good time... and especially when the venue is in an area of town where black and brown people are more likely to be service staff than consumers.

So Ivan of IvanDanielProductions/First Fridayz L.A. and I were volunteering at the same Thanksgiving Day location, when he shared that the Wednesday evening party, Metro, would be moving from its current West Hollywood location to a site at Hollywood and Vine. More information on the new venue on Ivan's site coming soon.

It only takes one or two to spoil the party... or get the crowd asked to leave... The physical fighting needs to be left on the big screen, and not in real life when regular people are just trying to have a good time. Let me add, I've always had fun at Ivan's events... whether it's First Fridayz, Metro, or the High Lyfe arts night at The Catch... Ivan's done a lot to energize the party scene for the black and brown crowds in L.A. in the past couple years.

But with some people already kinda sketchy about black and brown folks in certain parts of town, the third grade "he said/she said," "you stepped on my shoe," "you looked at my man" stuff needs to be eliminated from the list of things that make us upset. Gossip is more about the gossiper than you. Shoes can be cleaned. Men come and go...

Now, if you've been in a club fight... or know someone who has, maybe you can shed a little light on the subject. We hold no blame or judgment on past behavior here...


1-WhoWrites said...

I'm still trying to figure that out. Fighting was one of the main reasons I stop going to the clubs. I can't handle the attitudes or the accidental stepping on the shoes.

Marz said...

People need to go back to first grade and learn, hands are for many things, but not hitting. And feet stay on the ground. LOL


God Bless


alifenotsoblackandgay said...

i've been in some club fights. I suffered from what the Boondocks writer like to call a "nigga moment" or "niggatude." It's basically the inability to walk away, afraid of being punked, which is the ghetto equivilant of i don't want anyone thinking they're better than me or disrepecting me. Add alcohol and ghetto minded friends, and it's on and popping. It's stupid and one eventually grows out of it. It's kind of like driving, you learn to check your attitude, so you want get caught up in other people's niggatude. because some crazy mofos will try to pull you into thier world.