Saturday, January 14, 2006

Weekend Browsing

Rainy Saturday in L.A., and I'm spending the day in one of the chain bookstores... getting a bunch of magazines because I'm gonna lounge around the rest of the day.

But the latest Black Issues Book Review is great for those interested in the business state of black books, and also for those aspiring authors looking to see the black/African American "who's who" of the publishing industry... the folks behind the scenes.

Before magazine browsing, I checked out D-Place site... I love the site, and the latest entry is about some black films from the past that might be worth checking out again... especially on wintery afternoons like this.

Of course, Hoodworld and Most Proper are fun browsing... might get you in the mood for a fun Saturday night flirt session.

Rod and Keith and Rashid will give you some good conversation topics for that Saturday night flirt session.

Oh, uh... back to literary world and writing... Buzz, Balls, Hype and this entry on writers and their internet addictions will give you some good reading.

Happy browsing... Oh wow, the sun is shining now.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning the blog D-Place. Much like your's, the blog is full of good vibes.

Danyel said...

oooo! loving the links. gracias!