Monday, January 09, 2006

Minnesota Nice

I'm loving Minneapolis. Snow, cold temps, ice and all, this L.A. boy is liking this place. Everyone is so nice... my friends say it's Minnesota nice... the proper thing to do.

Been hanging out with two friends. One from grad school, who has been trying to get me to move here for years. One from undergrad, who has been saying I'm "too delicate and L.A." to withstand life in the great north country.

Either way, since it's a hub for Northwest Airlines I may be back here for a few more visits (not expensive to fly here)... the undergrad friend is/was someone special to me WAY back in the day. There's a story... but that's what novels are for... story telling. It's just funny how some things don't seem to change with time... but this isn't the Ashley-Victor-Nikki, Young & Restless history hour. It's Simply Fred Smith :-)

Looking forward to more good times in Minneapolis these next few days.


N4R said...

Happy to hear you had a good time out there. Its cold for me so you can have it...LOL

D-Place said...

Glad you're enjoying yourself. It's nice to rekindle old and good memories.

Avowed_Southern_Democrat said...

Last time I was in Minnesota, G.W. was campaigning for re-election and came to address our conference. The meeting was in April and Minneapolis was still cold. Have a good time and Happy New Year. Shem hotep.