Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Link Up Wednesday

Just a few sites I want to share with you... and some upcoming books that look interesting for Summer 2006.

Dayne Avery, author of I Wrote This Song, is making his mark with his book published last year... and now his own blog. Check him out. He's a cool dude. Met him last summer during In The Life Atlanta.

Is there an author you'd like to nominate for a Best New Author recognition? Check out the CushCity site. It's kind of like the People's Choice awards, where readers can nominate their favorites... rather than just the industry insiders. Cool site to buy some books, too.

Looking for publishing and writing opportunities? I found this fun and new blog, Publishing Pimp, that might have what you're looking for.

Also wanna introduce you to another new blog favorite, Brown Braided Woman. She's a good friend of mine from SoCali. Whenever she finishes her novel... I know it will be something special that you all will love.

New band to watch out for? Check out Duke. They're fixtures on the NYC club scene.

Oh... let's see. Got a couple of friends from my writers groups who'll have books out later this year. You'll wanna check out these books later this year-- like June and July.

Across A Hundred Mountains by Reyna Grande. Grande takes readers inside the people of Mexico who are left behind in the phenomenon of migration to the U.S. Reyna did the PEN Emerging Voices fellowship...

Tomorrow They Will Kiss by Eduardo Santiago. Santiago takes us on a fun-filled ride of three Cuban women in 1960s New Jersey (and the title comes from the anticipation soap opera and novela watchers feel when waiting for the main couple to finally kiss). Eduardo also did PEN EV.


crallspace said...

One could lost in all those links.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fred,
thanks for the book recomendations! I'm going to have to check out Grande & Santiago's... I need something to read! All this tv is making my head hurt.


Wendy Carrillo =D
coming soon:
watch out!