Thursday, January 05, 2006

Odds and Ends

Detroit's "hip-hop" mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick gets sworn in for a second term.

Many folks in Detroit area are renting out their homes for the upcoming Super Bowl in Detroit.

Detroit Pistons are rocking. Best record in the league as of today (25-4) and celebrating 100 consecutive sell-out games at home.

New Black Queer Studies anthology, edited by E. Patrick Johnson at Northwestern University. Sounds great.... go support. They're doing a symposium and book launch at Northwestern later in January. Check out the NU website for information.

Have you seen the film Transamerica yet? Looks good. I hear Felicity Huffman rocks as the lead character. Let us know what you think (without giving away major plot points).

Got a lot of e-mails suggesting I should visit the Mall of America and Lucia's for Sunday brunch while in Minneapolis this weekend.

Kori Chambers is a new news anchor in Detroit. We dig his anchoring.

Charles Pugh, another news anchor in Detroit (FOX 2 Detroit), is a childhood friend and immensely popular in Detroit. Glad I got to see him in anchor action while on holiday.

We also dig Andrew Humphrey, a popular weatherman in Detroit.

Happy Thursday!

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