Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Merry From Lena

When I listen to music associated with this time of year, I like it simple. Not a lot of riffs, synthesizers, modifying arrangements, or modernizing of traditional holiday songs with new lyrics.

And that's why Merry From Lena by Lena Horne is one that definitely fits my musical bill. It contains all the traditional songs many of us grew up listening to at this time of year, with nice arrangements. It's definitely worth getting if you celebrate Christmas.

On a similar note, a blog entry I did a few years back, Living Legend Lena Horne is 89, is one of the most viewed entries I've done. There seems to be a lot of interest in knowing how she is, where she is, etc... As of today, according to most sources, Lena Horne is 92 and retired, living in New York City, and makes no publiic appearances.

But through the Christmas cd Merry From Lena, she can make musical appearances in your living room or iPod this holiday season and beyond.

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