Monday, December 07, 2009

A Slanket... Yeah, That's The Ticket

I've been hearing all my students and colleagues at the University talking about how they all WANT or are GIVING Slankets as holiday presents.

In my mind, I conjured up an image of what one is/was. It sounded comfortable and warm. Then I saw Tayari Jones' blog entry this morning, @ writing deadlines and writing dates, and saw her pictured in one.

Me thinks me wants one too!

Especially on rainy, cold L.A. mornings like today... I think it's going to get to 52 degrees today. Me cold!

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Eduardo Guize said...

What's the difference between a Slanket and a Snuggie?|sm|go|tm

Man I was about to get my Snuggie at Bed Bath & Beyond but now I have doubts... Which one is better? Or better, which one is cheaper? LOL